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Published book, dissertation and article
2013 - Study on Multi-Functional Features of Bodysuit by Giorgio Sant’ Angelo - Focusing on Samples kept
 in Archive Center of Parsons The New School for Design in New York -
 (Journal of the Korean Society of Fashion Design, Vol.13, No.2, pp.93~119)
2010 - The Development of Neckties as Cultural Products for Tourists - Focusing on Expressing a Maritime
 Image through the Effects of Hand-Dyeing and DTP Technique -
 (Journal of the Korean Society of Fashion Design, Vol.10, No.3, pp.55~74)
2009 - Fashion Art, Kyomunsa Publication, Seoul, Korea
2008 - 'wearable Art-Chameleon Dress (Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing & Textiles,
 Vol.32, No.12, pp.1837~1847)
2005 - 'Goddess of the Earth" Vol. 23 #3, CTRJ(Clothing & Textile Research Journal)
2004 - 'A Study of the Make-up Aesthetics Characteristics in Techno-Cyber Fashion'#54-7,
  Journal of the Korean Society of Costume
2003 - ‘Aesthetics of Contemporary Fashion in Stretch Fabrics’, Kyungchoon Publication, Seoul, Korea
2001 - ‘An Analysis of the Aesthetic in the Body-Conscious Look’, Dissertation for Ph.D degree,
 Sungshin Women’s University
- ‘A Research about the Characteristics of the Androgynous Look In Contemporary Fashion’
  Journal of Research Institute of Applied Science, Vol.1, Mokpo National University
1999 - ‘Stretch Aesthetics in Contemporary Fashion Design’ No. 46, Journal of The Korean Society
 of Costume
1997 - ‘A Comparative Study Between the Modes of Modern Architecture and the Aesthetic Senses in
 Fashion Art-Mainly Around Formalism and Brutalism’ Vol. 1, No. 1-4, Journal of Fashion Business
1994 - ‘A Study of the Architectural Characteristics Depicted on Andre Courreges’s Fashion Design’
 No. 23, Journal of The Korean Society of Costume
1994 - ‘The “Flowering” Image on an Art Nouveau Dress ?Based on the Pink Dress (1979, 258, 5ab) in
 The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York’ No. 2-15, Mokpo National University Publication
1991 - ‘The Causes of Fashion Change During the French Revolution’ MA, Graduate School of
 New York University, New York
1983 - ‘A Study on the Relating of Silhouette and the Economy from Changing of World Fashion-
 Mainly on Women’s Fashion from 1910 to 1970 ’ MFA, Graduate School of
 Ewha Women’s University, Seoul